1) Design or download something you want to print.  Make sure it is in .STL or .OBJ format
2) A) Click the Get a Quote button to the right.

3) A new window should appear.

5) Drag the file(s) you downloaded earlier to the where the arrow is indicating or click the "Upload Model" and locate the file(s) that way.
6) Once the file is done loading click "next".

7) Under the "materials and colors" (A) select select which color you would like.

8) If you need to change the number of copies you would like click the change quantity button (B). 

9) An if shipping the item the price will be quote at arrow C. This is also where you need to click the "print here" button.

After that just follow the prompts to finish the purchase. If you have any special requirement such as infill percentage, number of shells, resolution, or even different material types just email us through treatstock or at


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Pictures of Recent Prints

We offer multiple options for printing. Large volume (345x295x240mm) prints are possible on our reprap prusa style printer with a 100 micron z-axis resolution and a 0.4mm nozzle. Addition we have a SLA resin printer capable of resolution down 25 microns (or 0.000984252 of an inch) to  We use accept order via paypal or our preferred storefront, Treatstock. Treatstock provides safe and secure transaction. Sometimes the "Get a Quote" button will says our Hub is currently offline. We take the Hub offline for many reasons ie maintenance, large orders, etc. but we do still accept orders just e-mail us at or clicking here