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About Us


The idea for Emerald City Maker (ECM) really started forming in early 2013.  ECM started coming together in the early half of 2014 and is still in beta. Here at ECM we believe there are unlimited number of ways to be a maker.  If fact we merely define a maker as someone who creates.  From arts and crafts to advance drones, our goal is help you do what drives you.  Firstly we are a resources page.  We want to provides links to great resources, archive for other materials, and then to provide services and products to people.  The services and products we sell are mainly rapid prototyping (3D printing) related.  We believe, while we are not Shapeways, we provide a unique experience at a hard to beat price.  If you want a filament in just the right color for your project or making a video recording in high definition of your print so you can watch it grow and show your friends.  Ask us and we will do what we can to make sure you are happy even if that means pointing you to another company.